Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking back on the last seven years, I realize how much my life has truly changed. When these changes are happening, you really don’t notice them. I didn’t understand what changed from day to day. Yet when I try to remember my first day of sixth grade, it feels like it was a completely different person who entered that classroom. That’s when I begin to understand how much life has evolved in a fast-paced seven years. Continue reading


Reading Response: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini follows the story of 15-year-old Craig and his struggle with depression. After dealing with the daily pressures of an overachieving high school life, Craig makes a split decision one night commit suicide. Yet before going through with it, Craig calls a sucked hotline and takes the given advice to go to the hospital. From there, he is admitted into an adult mental hospital where he meets some unique characters and is forced to deal with the sources of his anxiety. Continue reading

Community Response: A Celebration Under the Moon

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is by no means an easy task. At least that’s the thought that was flowing through my mind as I climbed out of the car. The bitter wind immediately startled my body which had become acclimated to the heat of the car. My heels clicked on the concrete sidewalk as I held my puffy winter coat tight around my body. I had no clue where I was headed. My only directions were listed on the simple, paper invitation that I had received a week earlier. Luckily I was surrounded by two of my closest friends who were also dressed for the occasion. Our above-the-knee dresses and high heels seemed contradictory to the thin layer of snow still on the grass from days earlier. Continue reading

Hamlet Final Project: Fate from Approval

In every community, one can witness individuals striving to gain approval from others. My community is no different. In the city, neighborhood, and School I grew up in, I’ve been able to observe a variety of people behaving in a way that will impress others. This piece follows that desire for a approval from its childhood beginnings, through high school and adult life, all the way to its negative end results. Continue reading

The Kid Next Door Flew

Age 4: He wanted to fly.
He dreamt of flying but never in the rain. The tiny, stubborn boy tried to fly off the jungle gym when it was raining. We decided to play a game outside despite the drizzle and cloudy skies. I pretended to be the princess, my curly brown hair loosely braided, my royal attire a torn spring dress. He was my beloved prince, his shaggy blond hair stuffed under a plastic crown. I found myself in dire need of saving and he believed that he was the only one able to rescue me. He thought he could fly but I guess the rain kept him down that day. He leapt into the air and for a split second believed that he defied gravity. Then he hit the muddy ground and his arm cracked in two. That night, his mom tucked him into bed, placing his bright red cast – with my crooked signature sprawled across it – on a squishy, navy pillow. She asked him why he jumped off the swing set when he must have known the possibility of being injured. He said he was the superhero saving the day. Continue reading